Mighty Willow Sapphire

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Mighty Willow bats are designed and manufactured to exacting standards to enable high performance. The willow for each bat is hand selected, with only the finest willow getting through the first phase of our process. The willow is pressed using traditional methods, with the shaping and finishing being done by the hands of our master craftsmen.

The twelve-piece cane handle ensures the batsman is at ease with the bat and combined with the bowed blade, thick edges and the unique Mighty Willow shape with a larger hitting zone, create the bat that enhances the batting experience. All Mighty Willow bats are put through a rigorous performance test to ensure a quality product for all cricketers. 

  • Grade 2 English Willow.
  • Mid-Low Middle - ideal for front foot play and use on slow and low pitches.
  • Very Thick Toe.
  • Thick (35mm+) Edges.
  • Minimal Concaving - ensures a wide sweet spot.
  • Natural Finish (no Anti-Scuff Sheet applied).
  • White Chevron Grip fitted.
  • Toe Guard fitted.
  • Semi-Oval Handle.
  • Excellent Value for Money!

Handmade in England, from Grade 2 English Willow, the Mighty Willow Sapphire Cricket Bat is excellent value for money!

A very thick toe and mid-low middle ensures a wealth of mass and power further down the blade, making the Mighty Willow Sapphire a strong and durable bat, that is ideal for front foot play and use on slow and low pitches.